History and Goal

1. ASEAN Members Country
Brunei Darussalam Seismology web site in Brunei Darussalam
Cambodia Seismology web site in Cambodia
Indonesia InaTEWS (Indonesia tsunami Early Warning System)
LAO P.D.R Seismology web site in LAO P.D.R
Malaysia Seismology web site in Malaysia
Myanmar Seismology web site in Myanmar
Philippine Seismology web site in Philippines
Singapore Seismology web site in Singapure
Thailand Seismology web site in Thailand
Vietnam Seismology web site in Vietnam
2. Others Country
United States Geological Survey (USGS) You can click on the location and it will give you a map of where these earthquakes have occured around the globe. Shows the earth depths and gives you the magnitude. Very good visual information
Prototype International Data Center (PIDC) PIDC Data Product (Global Earthquake)
C S E M  Centre Sismologique Euro-Mediterraneen 
I S C  International Seismological Centre 
Recent World Earthquakes (Institude Of Geophysics) RECENT WORLD EARTHQUAKES Victoria University of Wellington
Earthquake Research Institute - Univ. of Tokyo Eartquake Information
EARTHWORKS A world leading on-line database of  career opportunities for seismologists, geoscientists, geotechnical engineers, oceanographers, marine scientists, remote sensing/GIS staff, climate/atmospheric scientists and many others more.
Last two week Earthquake Maps  Other locations in the rest of the world. Pick your area of interest. Updated every 6 hours.
Earthquake maps on the Web  More maps for everywhere
ABAG Earthquake Maps And Information Earthquake Information
Plate Tectonics The cause of earthquakes
Earth s Interior From the inside out on why we have earthquakes.
Susan Rosenberg s Quaking Home Page Dedicated to the Art of Seismosurfing. Susan has put a lot of work into her pages and she has some excellent data.
Seismic Resources on the Web  Developed for high school teachers
The Richter Magnitude A short answer
The Modified Mercalli Scale Earthquake intensity
Seismograph Stations From the University of Utah
Saint Louis Earthquake Center For your New Madrid earthquake information
Make your own seismogram  Has instructions
Carnegie Institution Has many earthquake related links
Earthquakes  links page
The great 1906 Earthquake From the Museum of the City of San Francisco
Surfing the Internet for Earthquake Data  Lots of earthquake information from all over
Earthquake Information Lots more earthquake info plus links to discussion groups
The US Geological Survey  Some good folks helping you to reduce earthquake hazards
Strong Motion Data Catalog Search From the National Geophysical Data Center
Earthquake Geodesy  And hazard monitoring
EarthQuake Data Explorer  Find your area of interest
Risk Prediction Initiative  Earthquake related links
Global Earthquake Response Center From earthquake.com
Southern California Earthquake Center ©UCLA
Understanding Earthquakes  Exellent for students
Finding an earthquakes location with modern seismic networks where was it 
Earthquake Reasearch breakthrough
Emergency Management Australia From EMA
Insurance News Network Gives you information on earthquake insurance.
SAFE-T-PROOF Earthquake Preparedness Specialists. You can check out their survival kits and the mobile earthquake simulator
QUAKES  from our Australian friends
Damage Statistics  for recent earthquakes through out the world
30 Year Probabilities of Major Earthquakes by Region
Deadliest Earthquakes on Record  Locations and Magnitudes
Earthquakes more study for students
Earthquake Engineering  Cities harbour a great weakness when it comes to earthquakes......................
Planning for Earthquakes  measures for natural hazard prevention